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My name is Rahela, bizarre for those who just meet me. That is because I am no ordinary girl; I do not put make up on my face before leaving the house or brush my hair daily. In fact, most of the times I leave in a rush early morning and come back late at night because I try to do much more with my time: I go to university, I schedule meetings during the day and I spend time working for my faculty and AIESEC.

I always liked doing more, and what I enjoy the most is doing more with people. Passion drives me to take many different opportunities and challenge myself in order to learn more, create memories and become a better version of my own self.

This winter, I want to work with teenagers from Turkey while practicing non-formal education and bringing awareness about the global situation. Ever since I joined the world of education, I felt comfortable working with them and involving them in serious discussions about the world we live in, because they all have something relevant to say on it.

Besides this, I want to get involved in a different way, not just what another tourist would do while visiting Turkey. I do believe in love and human connection because I know that, at the end of the day, it is what makes us truly happy. I write to write my own book of stories during this exchange and read them aloud when I will come back.

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