Hello everyone, I am thrilled to think that you took a few moments to find out more about me and the purpose I support, and I want to thank you just for the fact that you visited the page and thought for a second how can you help.


A little bit about me...

I can say that I am a simple person in action but at the same time distinguished from others. Maybe you think about what I mean when I say these things! Well.. because I see simplicity in everything, in every activity, I think you can do anything, not all the same good but you can do it, there is a solution for anything, for anyone. In my language, words of fight and violence were always words that I do not understand, I discovered them throughout my life, looking around me and I did not always understand why they were fighting, friends, families, which was the reward they earned if they acted in this way. I did not understand why people can not help in any way, either with a good word, through their actions, or just by simply presenting a person.


Thanks to these organization, AIESEC and other activities I had the courage to attend, I met many wonderful people with a vast life experience that helped me discover the world and the characters of the people more, helped me to answer some Questions, made me even more captivated by new discoveries, experiences from which to learn something new.
Many times until a certain moment I was in a state when I felt alone, unintelligible and this inspired me to start an adventure that would meet more people, people with different perspectives, persons to resonate with me and We work together for a better world for those who believe in this possibility, and for those who do not think we can make them dream, see the good in anything, and believe in a brighter future, not necessarily for their children but also for them.


About the PURPOSE...

So the beginning of my adventure will be with this opportunity in Turia, for 6 weeks, being an education project. During those weeks, I will hold various sessions on the theme of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, created by UN, interactive activities with high school children. As well as with older people, students, these being the clients of a café in the city of Izmit.


Why an educational project?

In one word I could say because of dissatisfaction. Because I know that much more can be done about the education of every person, this being an important factor in the development of a person, will influence the way in which he will make the decisions in life.
Both the way we educate and the society we live in is constantly changing so I want to approach another learning, more interactive, based on relationships because a child will never learn from a teacher whom he does not agree.
I think that how you interact with the students will greatly affect the choices they make, they will be much more attracted to learning about the topics they are approached so they can discover their talents, what they want to do in this world and for this society, so you can end up with the joy of a simple thank you and seeing their face radiating happiness and glitter in the eyes.
At the same time, I want to send them a message, to make them aware of the importance of education, to become aware of their powers, this power being amplified by education because I think that if you change the prospects of the adolescent on a big enough scale you will transform societies and also empower girls to continue with education because the rate of success of higher education in women is lower than in men for different reasons.


About the money...

I look forward to feeling the taste of the new adventures and the fruits of the effort made there along with other people from all over the world, and this will be possible with the help of the amount raised, it will cover all transport fees: airline tickets, visa, passport, insurance Medical and daily living in Turkey, except for accommodation, this will be provided in the project.


Thanks again and if you want to contact me for more details or to find out how this adventure started because I feel like this is just the beginning of a long journey, do not hesitate.




Facebook: Catalina Anghel