Thank you for making someone's life better!



007 - Rares Stir


006 - Maria Sîrbu


005 - Cosmin Rata


004 - Dan Gore


008 - Andra Lazar


002 - Florin Dragusin


001 - Alexandra Mesteru



"During my time in AIESEC I understood how important is to give back and to appreciate. Now was the time to give a little back to the organization that changed me as a person."


Mariana Lupascu

"An AIESEC internship is a unique life experience. I would like to support young and committed people willing to explore their potential and step out of their comfort zone."


Alexandra Bucataru

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."             - Mark Twain


057 - Adrian Dinu

"Just doing my bit to help others have the chance that I had. Because immersing yourself in another country and culture is the kind of experience that shapes and transforms you."


Matei Popilian

"I fully support this initiative. When seeking other places, they seek other lives, other souls and make a difference!"


055 - Catalina Hascu

"I believe in the power that an experience abroad has. I believe that only by exposing yourself to new people and cultures you become a better version of yourself. I am happy to support one person in their journey of self-discovery."


Oana Burlacu

"While being part of AIESEC I went to 4 international internships. These experiences were impactful for me, personally and professionally, therefore I decided to give this chance to other people as well by buying kilometers from Addie."


051 - Helamia Mihali

"I chose to support Ioana because she is committed and passionate about AIESEC. She is someone who exudes positive energy from the first moment you meet her and has much to offer people around them"



"I helped Ioana because I knew her from the high school. I know that she loves being a volunteer and she want to make world a better place. This is enough because I want that too. Only together, step by step we can have a better world.
Good luck, Ioana!"


049 - Măniceanu Ramona

"I wish to offer young people valuable experiences that will contribute to their development. I just came back from an exchange and the feelings of joy and gratefullness are incomparable. Ioana, go, change and make great memories!"


048 - Razvan Vlad

"Dear Ioana, may your experience be at least how you imagine it right now! Enjoy! "


042 - Felicia Petrea

"I believe in volunteering and people that volunteer. This kind of donation doesn't help only one person, but all the people that the volunteer gets in contact with."


047 - Radu Marian

"I believe in a better world, with no racism, with no differences between people. The donation that I made, I see it as a small investment for Ioana to make an important impact for those migrants to integrate in the Maltesian society and create a life-changing experience for both"


041 - Alexandra Moraru

"Having had a similar experience myself, I want to contribute and support others to have the same opportunities as I did. I am grateful for people like  Ioana: courageous and generous with their time and effort, they ready to make this world a better place for all of us."


040 - Bogdan Badic-Spatariu

"Ioana has demonstrated the potential to contribute increasingly more to a better world. Our goals align in this regard and as such I’m more than happy to support her."


039 - Francisc Simon

"'Such initiatives keep my hopes up that positive changes can happen in the world. Also, I understand how important active support is for the person and the cause, being currently involved in something similar for Action Against Hunger myself."


038 - Oana Gavril

"Exchange will always be a learning opportunity that changes you as a person and helps you grow. I’m glad to see AIESECers from Cluj choose important causes for today's reality in which they can bring an impact."


034 - Tudor Alexandru

"I support Andreea because she makes me always smile and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does."


032 - Apetrei Alex

"Few things in life help you grow as much as living in a foreign environment. I wish all exchange participants will have a challenging and rewarding experience."



"I am glad I managed to meet a person that has the ability to make everyone around her happy with just a simple smile and warm hug and because of that person I believe that everyone should to be like that."



"Pay it forward' is a concept that I strongly believe in. I know how impactful can such an experience be because thanks to Adrian’s project I managed go on an exchange that shaped me into the person I am today."



"Volunteers are worth their weight in gold. They share their time and talents without any compensation. I would like to Thank Adrian for accomplishing this goal and for doing such an outstanding job!"



"Bringing people together, crossing national borders, opening minds and growing together to a welcoming society of supportive friends - that is a target worth every Euro."



"I admire the way Adrian found such a nice way to use his passion and skill for running, for a cause bigger than him. I feel that people who can zoom-out of themselves and place themselves into a bigger frame are virtuous and worthy."



"I support this project because I believe in helping others and through this helping the world change. And because I admire Adrian's initiative and dedication. And because a casual runner like me sometimes feels like buying some kilometers instead of running them."



"Understanding the positive impact that the international experience had on my self development, made me realize that such an opportunity should be an open window to many more. I am grateful for being able to contribute to the smiles of 25 lucky students."



"You don't get to meet every day people who want to change the world, but when you do you're most likely talking to an AIESECer.

Adrian is an amazing example of winning through giving."


015 - Anca

"I firmly believe in creating more bridges instead of building more walls, so I'd like to lay a brick in building those bridges of understanding and friendship."



"I believe that giving is the only way to facilitate change. first I gave time to volunteer work and now when I don't have the time I give money to the people who have the time. I believe that investing in this project is investing in the leaders of tomorrow"

EB Big Bang


"It’s AIESEC that shaped us all, so here we come with a humble contribution, showing our gratitude to this organization."


012 Lavinia Iosub

"I support Carmen becauseI am certain that an international internship has a huge positive impact on the person taking it and further in society."

Raul & Ioana


"The internship period may seem short, but for sure it will produce that spark that will ignite the potential within great people who have a lot to offer and make a change. We will always be grateful for what AIESEC offered to us and we super encourage members to go abroad and alumni to contribute to these growing experiences."



"I've always appreciated the way AIESEC changed people's destinies by offering them learning opportunities through international internships. Adding to this: Running is the passion that I recently discovered. I think it's easy to guess why the idea of Run&Impact seemed to me extraordinary from the beginning."



"I was lucky to benefit from this scholarship last year and after experiencing an amazing Summer, with incredible people, it is only fair I give back, to help other AIESECers feel the same joy and happiness."


008 - Andra Lazar

"I wish as many young  people get the chance to go in such life changing international experiences and take an active part in making our world better, more peace-oriented, more culturally aware."


006 Lavinia

"I very much appreciate and value AIESEC and the young people who make the most out of it. So I'm very happy to support the ones with limited resources to have access to AIESEC experiences and fulfill their potential. Thank YOU!"



"I had the great opportunity to get to know Adrian and I can tell that he is one of the few people who practices the values he espouses, in other words, he "does" what he "says". I believe in him."

Infinity EB


"Understanding the impact and the relevance of an international experience through AIESEC, we are happy to support this initiative!
Keep your dream alive and continue changing lives!"



"Projects like Run & Impact are a great example of how you can change the world of someone else with just a simple donation. Maybe for you is not so important, but for 25 students that can have access to international education, your donation makes they dream come true."



"My international experience through the internship through AIESEC opened doors for me that I wouldn't have otherwise access to. I am happy now to see others taking similar steps and being ready to explore the world."


Lucia Milosovici

"I support the Run & Impact project because I believe in life changing experiences and I believe that helping people grow is one the most satisfying feelings."


000 Anonymous2




Last edition, we managed to offer the chance to 8 members to volunteer abroad and to bring a change in the world.

Thanks to your donations - we changed 8 lives.


You were part of this journey. Thank you!